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From Rick Cherry, the President of CEC
When I started Community Environmental Center in 1994, we were a small company – maybe 18 people – but our vision was as big as the city. We aimed to bring energy efficiency to New York’s buildings, so that New Yorkers could live comfortably and affordably, so that the buildings would stand tall and strong for years to come, and the environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we stand on – would flourish and continue to sustain the people who live in this great city.

Our small company grew, accomplishing as much, and more, than I had dreamed. Over the years our committed group of energy auditors and weatherization technicians has brought weatherization to thousands of homeowners and apartment dwellers. Our engineers and LEED experts have designed energy-efficient solutions for new buildings, and our solar experts have captured the energy of the sun and installed Solar Hot Water (SHW) systems in existing buildings.

Truly, CEC contributes to the greening of New York City.

As hard as CEC has worked, much still remains to be done. I need only step outside to experience serious climate change at work. Last year, here in the North East, the winter was ferocious. This year, at times, it has been spring-like, while Europe has suffered blizzards and some of the coldest temperatures in decades. Extreme, erratic weather is one of the symptoms of climate change.

We know that human behavior has contributed to the climate change that threatens the land, air and oceans on which life depends. And only human behavior can bring the natural world back to anything resembling normalcy.

People who own buildings, and we who live and work in them, can lessen the warming of the earth’s atmosphere by reducing the amount of energy we use and by utilizing renewable energy sources such as the sun. An act as simple as acquiring an energy-efficient light bulb or plugging in a Smart Strip is one small step toward resuscitating our environment.

And bigger actions – insulating a building or replacing a furnace that burns polluting oil – will bring even bigger environmental returns.

And for those, CEC is here to help.

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