Saving Energy Will Save You Money

Saving energy and being green saves you money. Whether it is a business or a household, being more eco-friendly will save you money. If you have been reading our magazine for a while, you would know that this is true. We have featured several stories about how saving the planet can save you money. We have also received many stories of real people trying out green practices and confirming that they are saving money they didn’t think was possible. To share your story, visit the CONTRIBUTE page.

So, let’s have a quick look at how saving the planet can also save you money.

Lower energy bill – If you are saving on energy costs, you are saving money. That seems quite simple and common sense. If you take steps to better insulate your home, use fewer appliances, reduce the use of heating and cooling systems, and other such practices, you automatically save money.

Lower water bill – If you use less water, the water supply in the world remains steady. If you shower instead of taking a bath and use less water around the garden and home, you save water and you save money. Are you starting to see the trend yet?

Lower energy bill – Yes, we know we mentioned this one already, but we need to do so again. If you make use of renewable energy sources like solar power or wind turbines, you will have lower energy costs. You will not be using fossil fuel powered energy and the planet will be very grateful. The initial costs of installing these renewable energy sources may be a bit expensive, but the amount of money you will save in the long run more than makes up for it.

Beautiful surroundings – By planting trees, you are not only increasing the number of trees that can absorb carbon dioxide, but you are also creating beautiful surroundings. Trees are beautiful and refreshing and pretty to look at. They are also home to small animals and birds which further promotes a healthy planet.

Eating better – Eating only organic food and food that are not packaged, is healthy for you and the environment. Food that is fresh and not packaged tend to be cheaper as well. Plastic and other packaging are not good for the environment and the less you use and the less waste you create, the healthier you and the planet will be. Also, eating less meat will reduce the demand for livestock which will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases during raising.

Better driving – By driving a more fuel-efficient car, you will save on gas costs. Even better, if you use your car less, you will save even more on gas costs and you will likely get a bit of exercise and fresh air which is very good for the body and the mind. So, you will reduce your emission of greenhouse gases and improve your health.

It should be clear that saving the planet is not expensive for the individual. In fact, it will save you money. That money you save can then be donated to organizations that work to reverse the effects of our irresponsible living and to help protect nature and the animals.

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