Individuals and Celebrities Who are Saving the Planet

There is something great about seeing someone with fame and power use it for good. There are many great and inspiring individuals who are making a change in the world and working to save our planet. These individuals are from all over and they come from different fields and include politicians, actors, entertainers, scientists and more.

Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is a climate policy advisor from Australia. This man single-handedly turned around the climate situation in California by advising Governor Schwarzenegger about climate policies and changes to go green. He now runs the climate plans for California following the great cut in emissions and reaching goals that other states can only dream of.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has become a household name. He is an entrepreneur that is a young man who is already a billionaire. He is an excellent businessman but he also cares about the environment. He is the CEO of Tesla Motors which has become world-famous and is a respected electric car startup. The company’s main aim is to produce cars and other vehicles that will drastically reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a marine activist that is feared by many a Japanese whaler, seal hunter, and illegal fisherman. He co-founded Greenpeace and is actively taking a stand against illegal activities in the oceans of the world. He has vessels that patrol the oceans with the sole purpose to identify and stop any illegal activity. He has been called a pirate and an eco-terrorist, but he is still going strong. Regardless of what some people may call him, he is making an effort and effecting change like no-one else.

Bob Hertzberg

Bob Hertzberg is a green financier. He is supporting and giving funding to many renewable energy projects and has shares in electric car companies, windfarms, and more. He is part of several ground-breaking projects that may change the world of renewable energy very soon.

Leonardo DiCaprio

This world famous and loved actor has been making waves of the icy kind. He released a documentary on climate change called ‘The 11TH Hour’ and since then, he has just gained speed for protecting the planet. He said that his aim is to educate and create awareness. He doesn’t want to preach to people or reprimand them. He just wants people to know and be aware and make changes.

These people are making waves, creating awareness, inventing great new things, and taking the fight for the planet to the oceans. They are taking the issue of climate change, global warming, and all the resulting effects seriously. If you are not yet changing your ways to help save the planet, take a note from these guys and start bringing your side to the fight.

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