How Our Relationship with Mother Earth Must Change

Most people view the planet as a separate thing from us and our lives. However, this is not really correct. Many different religions and meditators already discovered the importance of the planet and how we are all connected to her and each other. Different spiritualists have raised their opinions and advice as to what is needed to restore balance within Mother Earth as well as ourselves.

Life is hectic, consumer-driven, and centered around immediate gratification and fast everything else. What does this have to do with the planet being sick? Everything. Think about it – if you weren’t so rushed to get to work or to get home, would you need all of the fast-paced products and things? If you were calmer and more balanced, would you need unhealthy distractions like smoking, using consumer products you don’t need, and doing other activities that harm the planet or using products that harmed the planet when it was made?

We are very closely connected with the planet. We just forgot. If you look around you, what you see is the planet or Mother Earth. The air you breathe, the clouds you see, the trees and plants, the ground your standing on, the elements your body is made up of, the food you eat, the wood you burn for fire, the water you drink – all of it is the planet. The planet is what keeps us alive.

Earth is the only planet on which human life can survive and yet, we don’t seem to think that that is amazing and something to be taken care of. Instead, we use and abuse the planet and try and get as much out of it as possible. And all that without putting back what we take. If you look at it like that, it is no wonder that the planet and environment is in the state it is in. The sun is especially designed to keep us alive and to make sure that we don’t freeze to death. However, we have let things get so bad that the sun may be the reason why we will no longer be able to live here. Greenhouse gases are trapping too much heat and is causing all the things that make life here possible, to deteriorate or become less human-friendly.

So, how do we change this relationship we have with the planet at the moment? We need to realize and acknowledge the planet as the life-giving and amazing force that it is. We need to realize that we and the planet are one and that when one is sick, the other will inevitably also be sick. We need to understand that taking better care of the planet means that we will take better care of ourselves. And it means that if we take better care of ourselves, we will also be taking better care of the planet.

If we can understand the interconnectedness of plant and human, we will take the first step to healing both the planet and ourselves.

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