How Local Press Can Help the Environment

The press is a very strong force and it can make a difference in the way people view things, experience things, and think about things. It is because of this power that it should be used to help the environment and to help improve our relationship with the environment. There are already many publications, blogs, online magazines, and more that are focusing on making people realize what is happening to the world and how they can help.

So, how exactly can your local newspapers, magazines, and other media help the environment?

Create Awareness

Use the press to help the local community understand what their influence is on the environment and what steps they can take to reduce those effects. The press can collaborate with government and non-profit agencies to get stats and figures to explain to the community how many resources they are using and how that affects the future.

Start Campaigns

The press in collaboration with other organizations or individuals can start environmental protection campaigns. No-one knows the community and the parks, resources, etc. better than the community themselves. The press can help with coverage of stream clean-ups, park clean-ups, recycling projects, etc.

Advertise Events

The different types of media can advertise environment-related events where people can learn more or join in to help make a difference. Recycling organizations can also advertise their services and pick-up schedules.

Offer Tips

The local press can have features and the local printed press can have booklets or flyers that are given free with their papers or magazines. These booklets can be tips on how to save water and energy in the home. It can also include some how-tos of starting a garden or some other ways that will help the environment.

Feature Local Advocates

Newspapers, television and radio can have interviews and feature articles or stories on the local environmental organizations and what they do. This will give these organizations exposure and also let the community see that there are people that take the environment seriously and want to make it better. This will also help them know where they can get involved if they want to volunteer or donate to these organisations.

The press in all its forms can be very helpful in bringing about a change in how people think about the environment. It is a crucial medium for educating the community and getting them involved.

If your local press has made an impact on your community or you have some advice for the press, visit our CONTRIBUTE page and tell us your story.

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