Community Environmental Center invites you to contribute your own stories, tips, community projects, and more. We love to hear from you and we love hearing about the change that individuals and businesses are bringing about. If you and your community have been actively involved with changing the way people live to help our planet, please let us now.

How to Contribute a Story

To contribute to this online magazine, you need to send us an email with some basic information. The process is very simple.

To share a story, do the following:

  1. Write your story in 250 to 500 words. Use good language and grammar and make sure everyone will be able to understand it. Make sure to get permission from the people and organizations that you want to mention. Get their go ahead before submitting your story.
  2. Send your story to us at in Word format (so we can edit when needed).
  3. Include your location and a brief description of your town, city, or community. You can even send us pictures to add if you like.

How to Contribute a Donation

If you would like to contribute to our projects with low-and medium-income communities, you can have a look at our events and when you can volunteer. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute a donation – money, clothes, food, etc. – you can send us an email or contact our offices for banking details.

We appreciate any and all contributions – both written and otherwise – and we want to say THANK YOU to all our readers and everyone making a difference out there.