6 Top World Advocate Organizations for Environmental Protection

People have always known that the environment and our planet are important and that it needs protecting. Not all of these organizations were started when talks of global warming and climate change started. They were started long before that because people knew that we need to protect our most precious resource.

Today, Community Environmental Center would like to mention a few of the great environmental organizations that are making a difference in the world. We would also like to thank them for fighting for our planet.

Sierra Club – Founded 1892

This organization is one of the oldest that is still in existence. They are one of the most successful and most powerful environmental advocates and have made many great things happen to affect change in the USA. The organization has over 1.3 million members.

World Wildlife Fund – 1960s

WWF is something that everyone has heard about and we’re not talking about wrestling. This organization may only be a half-century old, but it has made some great changes and done a lot of good in those years. The organization has approximately 5 million members and its main aim is to preserve nature and its creatures. They strive to create harmony between humans and nature.

Greenpeace – 1971

This is another well-known organization across the world. This organization is known for its hands-on and in your face protests and actions. They have taken on many wrongdoers and have stopped whaling, nuclear testing and many more wrongs that caused harm and injury to nature and animals.

National Wildlife Federation – 1936

This organization has the main purpose of protecting our animals. It works closely with all the American states to help ensure that wildlife is preserved and protected. With 4 million members, it is one of the largest organizations in the world and they fight for wildlife issues and the protection of animals.

Forest Stewardship Council

This council certifies that companies are green or eco-friendly. If you have a certification from these guys, you know you’re green. The organization is non-governmental and non-profit. It was started to protect our forests and is now also the organization you want green certification from.

National Geographic Society

It is amazing but this organization is more than 100 years old. It is world-famous and has done a lot for the education of the world and creating awareness. National Geographic tends to focus on science-based research and conservation. They take a different approach to making a difference and protecting the environment by celebrating the beauty and the wonder.

There are many more organizations that daily advocate for the protection of our planet, the conservation of animals and plants, the cessation of cruel practices, and more. In recent years, other newer organizations have also popped up to help reduce our impact on the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio is involved. Ian Somerhalder started his own environmental organization called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. These guys are using their fame and power to make a difference. We will have more on them later in the year.

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