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#6 Oil Conversion

Dirty oil boilers are being made illegal with the phasing in of new NYC laws.

Beginning in 2012, and no later than 2015, New York City buildings where boilers still use high-viscosity #6 oil must switch over to a cleaner fuel, according to a heating oil regulation that the city adopted in April 2011.

We can save you time and we can save you money.

Your board and your building have several options:

  • Switch to low-sulfur #4 oil until 2030, when your building’s boiler must be able to meet the emissions standard of burning #2 oil or natural gas.
  • Switch to #2 oil now  
  • Switch to natural gas now
  • Switch to dual fuel-#2 oil and gas

Community Environmental Center (CEC) can help you and your managing agent select the option that is best for your building and also help find financial incentives to assist with the conversion.  CEC can also design and write the specifications for new equipment, if necessary, and manage the construction process, so that the conversion will be as painless for the building’s residents as possible.

And always, Community Environmental Center can help your building save energy and reduce costs through other energy-saving measures:

  • Energy-efficient lighting in common areas
  • Water conservation
  • A Solar Hot Water (SHW) system
  • Greening your building’s operations

To discuss this service with someone at CEC, please contact Sarah Gaddis.