Homeowners: Your home is your most valued asset. Protect your investment by going green

Weatherization Assistance Program: If you are the owner of a 1 to 4 family house and have an income under $34,128 for a 2-person household or under $50,184 for a 4-person household, please click here to read about the Weatherization Assistance Program.

CEC knows that many homeowners have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy and are rebuilding or repairing. CEC strongly urges you to rebuild with energy efficiency in mind.

CEC will provide free information for a home energy audit, to help get you started. Please contact sgaddis@cecenter.org
A green home is comfortable year-round, protecting you and your family from cold drafts and extreme heat. A green home conserves energy and lowers your monthly maintenance costs, and a green home is a sound investment that increases your house’s life-span and its resale value.

And finally, a green home is your contribution to protecting the environment.

So whether you own a brownstone or a linked town house, a Victorian or a Colonial, a knowledgeable and caring CEC employee will visit your home to discuss the choices, your needs and the financial incentives available to you.

To speak with someone about improving your home, please email Sarah Gaddis.