post5 - How Your Business Can help Protect the Environment

How Your Business Can help Protect the Environment

Running a business is hard work and takes a lot of planning. It can also be very rewarding. If you want to save some money and be more eco-friendly, we have some great tips for you. Community Environmental Center visited a few green businesses and asked them for the low-down on how to make businesses more eco-friendly. We also asked them if it really saves them money and the answer from all of them was YES.

Running a green business is not just great for the environment but also great for your employees.

Change the light bulbs – LED or CFL is what you want to use. These lights are eco-friendly and they last much longer than normal incandescent ones. They may be more expensive to buy, but they will outlast that cost with years.

Get a green audit – A green audit will tell you where in your business you can make changes to make it more eco-friendly. These audits can tell you where you can save energy, water, and money. If you ask, you may even get subsidies for making your business more green.

Use less paper – For most businesses, some form of paper use is still needed. However, if you can reduce the amount of printing you do and also your general paper use, you will be going a long way to help the environment and saving yourself a lot of money. So, opt for email, video conferencing, etc.

Use alternative energy options – If you can make use of solar panels or other types of alternative energy sources, your business will become green and you will again save money. Initial costs may be expensive, but in the long run, it is definitely worth it and you will soon get that money back triple-fold in savings.

Green your appliances – When appliances or equipment need to be replaced, choose more energy-efficient replacements. Energy Star products are guaranteed to save you money and make your business more green. You will be amazed at how much energy and other resources you will save by using these Energy Star products.

Recycle and reuse – Recycle all recyclable products like plastic, paper, and tin. You can also make a difference and save money by replacing old furniture or other equipment with vintage furniture items rather than new ones. You can get really great and good quality items for affordable prices at second-hand stores or even online at Craigslist.

Choose green web hosting – Green web hosts are eco-friendly hosts that do things to counter their carbon footprint or reduce it. These companies either make use of alternative fuels or they plant trees or buy carbon offsets to make up for the environmental cost of their operations.

These are all great things that will help you make your business green and save money in the process. You will not regret taking these actions and making a difference. If you would like ideas for green businesses you can start, have a look at this article about green business opportunities.

post8 - Business Opportunities in the Environmental Sector

Business Opportunities in the Environmental Sector

There is a world of possibility when it comes to business ventures in the environmental sector. Saving our planet is crucial and many entrepreneurs and organizations are getting on board. Community Environmental Center did some research and found out what types of business opportunities or ideas are out there.

Eco-Friendly Salon

People are not only becoming more aware of what they eat but also about what beauty products they use. Organic beauty products made from ingredients that do not harm the environment during production or use are popping up all over. People want these alternatives so they can continue being pampered but with a clean conscience and knowing they are not causing harm to the planet.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient products is also a great business opportunity. Whether you make them or sell them, doesn’t matter. If you can offer people the opportunity to have a home with appliances and other things that are environmentally friendly, you will be doing good. If you make these products affordable, you are sitting on a gold mine.

Organic Catering

Eco-friendly foodies will love this. Many people are moving towards more vegan, gluten-free, or paleo-type diets and catering for them is a good idea. If you can offer completely organic catering and also offer vegan options, etc., you may just make a ton of money in no time.

Green Finance

New businesses that are environmentally oriented may not be able to get traditional funding. That is where green financiers come in. These guys offer support and funds to local companies and projects that want to make a difference environmentally.


Recycling offers many different business opportunities. You can get involved in collecting recyclable goods or starting recycling projects or drop-off points. You can even offer workshops where you teach people how to reuse things they want to throw away or how to make these items into something new and usable.


Research will always be necessary in order for us to know more and be better able to save our planet. This may require some expertise, but there are many ways to go. You can start a local research project and look into how your community can live better and leave less of a carbon footprint. Based on that, you can start a business that addresses these issues or you can have seminars and workshops. Maybe you can even become a local advisor.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy options are one of the things that can have an immediate effect on local and household energy use. Selling solar panels, wind turbines, etc. is a good business idea. Maintenance and repairs of these devices are also a market to target.

Green Apps

Everything works with apps and we love them. Create green apps and money will roll in. Apps for saving energy, saving water, tracking usage, tracking goals, offering food alternatives, etc.

Any of these ideas are great options. Your choice will probably depend on your financial means and expertise. However, you don’t need to have any specific degree to make a change. Get some people involved that have the knowledge and start your new green business. Also, visit our EVENTS page for opportunities to learn more.