Become an EcoHouse Sponsor

Community Environmental Center (CEC) brings sustainability to residential buildings and homes throughout New York City. Founded in 1994, we have brought energy efficiency to more than 30,000 apartments and houses, as part of our mission to mitigate global warming by creating a healthier, affordable and more sustainable built environment.

A not-for-profit, we rely on government funding but also on the generosity of private foundations and sponsors.

Students take in the EcoHouse's unique educational programCurrently we are offering a Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity to raise money for operating the EcoHouse, a free, mobile, environmental education center that we designed and built in 2012. We have driven the EcoHouse to schools, parks and community-based organizations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, and thousands of New Yorkers have already visited the EcoHouse to learn about saving energy and protecting the environment.

To take advantage of this superior marketing opportunity, and support education about how to save energy and protect the natural world on which we all depend, please contact Alexis Greene: / 718-784-1444, ext. 156.

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