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A Farewell From CEC

Community Environmental Center (CEC) was the first citywide not-for-profit to address the connection among environmental issues, inner city neighborhoods, and existing buildings. Indeed, CEC believed the climate crisis to be the determining circumstance of our time and that addressing the environmental impact of energy use would be fundamental to our overall goal: establishing the environmental health of New York City. From the onset, weatherization has been the core program of CEC’s energy efficiency services. It soon became the largest provider of weatherization to low-income families under New York State’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), never losing sight of its mission to mitigate global warming by creating a healthier, affordable and more sustainable built environment all the while, “saving our fragile earth, one building at a time”.

(Please read about our full historical impact in this attached report.)

Jay Ackley is a Policy Analyst and Contract Administrator at CEC

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