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Community Environmental Center joins Queens Library for “Greening Libraries” Project

Queens Library at Sunnyside. Photo: Jeffrey Spady

Queens, NY – January 18, 2012 – Running libraries cost-effectively and in an environmentally responsible way are important goals, so it comes as excellent news that the Queens Library Foundation is partnering with the not-for-profit Community Environmental Center (CEC) of Long Island City, Queens, to bring energy retrofits and green education programs to five branches of Queens Library. Queens Library has among the highest usage in the nation.

Funded by $250,000 from the Greening Western Queens Fund of North Star Fund, the new Greening Libraries Project will get underway in January 2012, announced Diana Chapin, Executive Director of the Queens Library Foundation, and Richard Cherry, CEC’s president.

Five Queens Libaries will receive retrofits and sustainability programs. They are Queens Libraries at Astoria, Broadway, Steinway, Sunnyside, and Woodside.

“Queens Library enriches the lives of more than 15 million visitors a year,” said Chapin. “Every change we make toward ‘greener’ operations and ‘greener thinking’ in our communities will pay off in a big way. CEC’s work is part of Queens Library’s Greening Libraries project, which is providing green programs, education and activities for all ages, including recycling and hands-on gardening opportunities.”

“A library is the original ‘reuse’ center,” said CEC’s Cherry, “so it is really the perfect go-to place for information about living green and using our natural resources efficiently. To start, CEC will perform energy audits in each library, and install energy-saving lighting and water-conservation measures. Public areas will receive low-VOC (volatile organic content) paint and carpeting, and we will clean heating and ventilating systems and make them more efficient. And CEC will help Queens Library educate its users about how to create a green environment inside and outside their homes.” 

Queens Library Foundation is the fund-raising arm for Queens Library. It is one of more than 15 grantees that received funds through the Greening Western Queens Fund of North Star Fund.

Community Environmental Center, which was founded by Richard Cherry in 1994, is dedicated to bringing energy efficiency to new and existing buildings throughout the New York Metro Area.

For more information, please contact Alexis Greene, 718-784-1444, ext. 156.

Alexis is the public relations coordinator at CEC.

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