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CEC Paints the Town White


At the back: Steve, Chamarr, Marc, and Jay. Down front: Matt and Abagale

On a gloriously sunny and breezy August day, 6 CEC employees  — Jay Ackley, Marc Brodeur, Abagale Fisher, her friend Matt (honorary CEC employee), Steve Menzer, and Chamarr Nyman journeyed to  the South Bronx to paint the roof of 320 166th St. with a reflective coating. The building, a 5-story walk-up with a 3,000-square-foot roof, is owned by the Bronx Pro Group.

It was good to see everybody out of their usual habitat and relaxing a bit while they painted.

Clearly the Cool Roofs Program should hire these 6 on a permanent basis, because they finished the roof in record time and went on to coat the roof of another building up the block.


Alexis is the public relations coordinator at CEC.

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